Monday, 26 August 2013

The middle east is burning

I have not post here for a while. - I have learn things while I was gone and things in the world changed.


The middle east is burning, as usual. This time at different points simultaneously.
Riots in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood against the military forces against protestors. I don't know allready who fights who.
25 Policmen were murdered by a terorrist group in north Egypt.
The Egyptian decided to close the northen border to the Gaza strip, which preventing now supllies to the strip and forcing Hammas to stop with attacks on Israel.
Meanwhile terror attacks in  Lebanon on Hezbollah's behalf. Sunni organization blames the coorporation of Iran and Israel (Yup. Read the last line again to be sure you read it correctly - they blame Iran and Israel). As a retaliation a Sunni Jihadist movement shot rockets to north Israel, but they did not attack Iran.
The most attention drew the use of Assad in non-conventional weapon against civilians and children among them. During more than a year a question was asked: Why does the world keep silence?
The closest country - Israel - could not intervene even if wanted to. No body wants to be dragged to a battle scene against his acrh-nemesis, especially after a little struggle against Hammas last November. After the non-conventional weapon use the American dicided to act. Right now American battleships are on their to the coasts of Syria. The American move will probably draw a retaliation against Israel and this country will probably be dragged to a northern battlescene.
Is it good for Israel to join to a war for the sake of Syria's children?
What changed the American mind to move to the east?
Cruel death of Syrian children?
I don't think so.
The fact that Syria had chemical weapon in his possesion and they have no fear to use it. Syria is aligned with Iran and terror organizations. The leader of the "free" world does not care for Syrian children or for the sake of Israel. The same way they did nothing untill the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
However, who are we that we judge them? None of the western world countries was talking about intervening, claiming both sides are evil. Every one is shocked from the death of children, but they have not started dying now. We are just worried the gas will leak outside of the Syrian borders.

I guess the sulotion for the middle east problems will be the same solution of Nazi Germany.
Seperation of the Syria, Lebanon and maybe Egypt between the leaders of the world. In the past: USA and USSR today USA, PRC and Russia.