Monday, 2 September 2013

The roots of the Syrian problems

To understand what is going on in Syria and what has been happening in the middle east in the last 7 decades.

It has started with the Cold War. After WWII USSR began to make allies in the middle east. It had started to get the support of Egypt, Jordain and Syria. The only missing piece of the puzzle was the British Palestine, who was a territory of the British crown. The Zionist immigrants in Palestine declared for their will for an independent Zionist state. After election in UK, when Churchill lost his chair, there colonialism and it is time the focus the efforts on Britain and not in the middle east. It seemed now that the road for the Zionist state is clear of obstacle the Arabic Muslim Palestine natives woke up, and they also want their own state.
The motion was debated in the UN, most of the world supported in founding Zionist state, including the greatest empires of back then..

US: Many Zionist immigrants helped the fighting against the Nazis and the Fascist in north Africa. Jewish effetive people made presure on the American president. More than six million Jewish people were masscared by the Nazi killing machines and many left homeless after the war. And if the British are leaving. The USA needs a puppet to serve in the middle east.

USSR: Many Jewish people were murdered and lost their homes. The Zionist leadership was Socialist, many were Communist, many Zionists were Russian, even their leader Daid Ben Gurion declared himself Bolshevist. And, of course, if the British are leaving and a new state is born, they needed the support of it.

David Ben Gurion (So called Bulshevist, Socialist, Communist and Russian) decided to be alligned with the Americans because he prefered the Democratic side and more than that - During the 40's Soviet Russia lost a lot of resources during the war and had to use the few resources they had left to restore Russia and the eastern Europe. (Although Israel had diplomatic contac with USSR during the 40's, 50's and most of the 60's).

The British mandate in the middle east ended in 1947 however, the last British troops left EGypt in 1956. After the British retreat the Egyptian government decided to close the Suez canal. This canal is a link between the midterrenian sea to the Persian sea and therfore it is a shortcut between Asian to Europe and also to north America. Under British, French and American pressure the Israeli military invaded Egypt and opened the canals. As we can see, the second war between independent states in the middle east was actually a war through puppets/envoys/messengers.

Haffez El-Assad (Father of Bashar) was one of the Alawy minority (Alawy sort of Islam other than Suni or Shiite). During 1966 Assad, after the Syrian revolution, Assad had the position of Syrian minister of defense.

1967 was the first war between Israel an Syria tha was under the pressure of the USSR. Back then to Golan Heights (Today north east Israel) were supposed to be a natural sterilized zone. After an aerial struggle Syrian Soviet-made airplanes were fallen. That drove the SOviets mad and to push Syria twards a war against Israel. Syria lost that war and the Syrian leader Salah Jadid blame his minister of defens, Assad, while Assad blamed his prime minister.
At 1970 Syria invaded Jordain. Assad ordered the airforce not to act or take a part in this war and therefore Syria lost. The Syrian national councel decided to take Assad off his position but the man, who holds the army, had different plans.
Assad took over Syria. His son and diciple Bassel El-Assad was supposed to be his heir, but died in a car accident. His second son, Bashar, took his place when he doed in June 2000.

As we already know, Soviet Russia had relationship with Syria and it continues today. Russia has a naval base and gas and oil pipelines. Syria has a lot of importance to Russian.
With all the importance and the old relationship, Russia starts to show less empathy to Syrian leader. After using the non-conventional gas, Russia will probably have no choice and let the American in or suggest altenative govenment while Assad is answering for his crimes. The Islamic Republic of Iran starts to show the same signs - They might not support Assad in a case of American invasion.


And now for somethong completly different:

U.S. fast-food workers protest, demand a 'living wage'

While US is threatening to invade Syria and "Make Assad pay for his crimes".
The labor class is starting to threat the big American corporations.

Goodluck for everyone!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The middle east is burning

I have not post here for a while. - I have learn things while I was gone and things in the world changed.


The middle east is burning, as usual. This time at different points simultaneously.
Riots in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood against the military forces against protestors. I don't know allready who fights who.
25 Policmen were murdered by a terorrist group in north Egypt.
The Egyptian decided to close the northen border to the Gaza strip, which preventing now supllies to the strip and forcing Hammas to stop with attacks on Israel.
Meanwhile terror attacks in  Lebanon on Hezbollah's behalf. Sunni organization blames the coorporation of Iran and Israel (Yup. Read the last line again to be sure you read it correctly - they blame Iran and Israel). As a retaliation a Sunni Jihadist movement shot rockets to north Israel, but they did not attack Iran.
The most attention drew the use of Assad in non-conventional weapon against civilians and children among them. During more than a year a question was asked: Why does the world keep silence?
The closest country - Israel - could not intervene even if wanted to. No body wants to be dragged to a battle scene against his acrh-nemesis, especially after a little struggle against Hammas last November. After the non-conventional weapon use the American dicided to act. Right now American battleships are on their to the coasts of Syria. The American move will probably draw a retaliation against Israel and this country will probably be dragged to a northern battlescene.
Is it good for Israel to join to a war for the sake of Syria's children?
What changed the American mind to move to the east?
Cruel death of Syrian children?
I don't think so.
The fact that Syria had chemical weapon in his possesion and they have no fear to use it. Syria is aligned with Iran and terror organizations. The leader of the "free" world does not care for Syrian children or for the sake of Israel. The same way they did nothing untill the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
However, who are we that we judge them? None of the western world countries was talking about intervening, claiming both sides are evil. Every one is shocked from the death of children, but they have not started dying now. We are just worried the gas will leak outside of the Syrian borders.

I guess the sulotion for the middle east problems will be the same solution of Nazi Germany.
Seperation of the Syria, Lebanon and maybe Egypt between the leaders of the world. In the past: USA and USSR today USA, PRC and Russia.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A brief global update.

It is mostly required that a socialist like me should talk about UK ex prime minister Margaret Thatcher's death. Well, I have a lot of steam to let out regarding to the Iron Lady, but I also show some respect to dead, maybe it's to late (or perhaps to early) to start ill-taking of the dead. Besides, I won't have my first post about UK be composed of negativity only.

NK, or the official name, Democratic People od North Korea (Yeah, democratic). Comrade Jung Hun keeps dancingon the American trigger while presenting yhe whole world the evil twin sister of Socialism. Meanwhile People's Republic of China, and United States of America decided to cooperate to cool camrade's reactor.
Both great nations realized that the next war will be economic, and bloody, sparing lives of many and resources. (Remeber talking of modesy? China and US are the strongest nations on our world and both prefering peace instead of wiping out NK).

Boston was attacked. Twins blasts occured during Boston Marathon taking the lives of a little child and two young women, one of them Chinese, also wounding many others. Right now there are no suspecys and some ideas popped out:
1) A muslim Saudi guy who got wounded in the attack scene. On one hand it is rational and possible. Fanatic Islamo-Fascists do not fear death, but blaming the guy only because of being a muslim it's Islamophobic and racist. Many arabs an Muslims get hurt from the actions of their "brothers".

2) One conspiracy idea is our comrade, Kim Jung Un. It is possible, indeed, but if it's true, he is really stupid. Did he see what happened to Osama Bin-Laden? Whereas Muslims belive in the after life,Communists usually deny any spiritual being, and the only way to force them attempt such a risky task is by threat of torturing their family.

3) Like the 9.11 idea comes a new story: Obama planned it all in order to have an opportunity to show the Americans he likes them. A TV cartoon called Family guy "predicted" the attack by laughing at the possibilty of terror attack. The episode was pulled of the web (Americans...). There is no reason to panic, If the episode predicted the attack, than I am a prophet, and if it plannes, then I am a terrorist. See, I laughed about many possible accasions in the past and they occure few our later. No big deal.

Its is horrible that people had to die for this, but the Chinese victim can br another bridge to coorporation between US and PRC. They both must cooporate to eliminate the theocratic terrorism.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

What do we say to the god of war?

Not today.
I took the quote (originally god of death) from HBO's A game of Throne to congrtulate US minidter of defense for the preventing war move. Although I do not tend to support the US, for their arrogance, this time they did it right. Lau Tzu (The Tao 道)talked about balance and used the example of a tree: A man has to be stiff like tree, but when the wind blows fiercly the tree must be flexible and bend itself or else it will be broken.
Jesus also tought us about modesty. Swallow your Hubris (pride) and cut with the show-off.
Chuck Hagle, the Americam minister of defense dicided to suspence the coopereated training with the south Korean army due to threat from the north to start a war. Kim Jong Un had no right to threat other countries, while US and SK (south Korea) has the right to train together, if they will. Minister Hagle decision was is not just, but it is smart - Lose some of your pride because threats of a bully and spare others life by preventing a war (for a while).
I hope this quiet will be preserved.

Talking of peace and war: Jews around the world will mention tommorow the memorial day to the Holocaust victims. Milions of Jewish were slaughered by their own homeland only because an Austrain psycopath  decided they have different blood than their Christian brothers. In the Holocaust (Shoa, in hebrew, שואה)were murdered more than 6 milions people, and these are only the Jewish people who were recorded, there were many other non-recorded Jews and also Roma-people ("gypsies"), Polish, Russian , Ukrainian (Slavic nations, "Lesser", as the Nazis believe.). After the war the Jews realized their homelands and nations spat them out and they need to establish a new nation and new homeland, then State of Israel was born. Until these days they sruggle agaisnt sorrounding enemies.
The Holocaust is the worst disaster and genocine, not only for the Jewish people, but the the whole human-kind. It shows us the foulest era in Human-history, and the power of hatred and brain-washing.

I am not a hippie pot-head, I do believe in war and a nation right to defend itself, but I wish countries won't hve to use that right anymore. Who does not pray for peace? (Only Capitalistic weapon producers.).

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stop this madness! No to war

The North Korean leader declared a war against USA due to Coorporatian between the states and south Korea.

Dear comrade, Kim Jung Un, please:
Don't press the American trigger, you know they are stronger.
the United States and the People Republic (中国), two strongest countries in the world,  warn you. the Republic comes from the north, and from the south, the south Korean, you have foes on both sides. Russia and the rebuplic knows war with the US will do no good to to you. Instead of feeding your own people you buy missiles. It serves your enemies intersests rather than you. By doing so you prove them what they want to believe - that Socialism is eveil, it makes the Liberal US stronger. Please stop this madness, feed you people, you won't shoot them anyway. Prove the world US is wrong, Liberalism is wrong.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

California Dreamin'

California dreaming and let us hope it won't be more than a dream.
As you know my blog (my 2-3 loyal reader) I love the speak of one different palce in the3 world at a time. What is the world if not our big happy poluted home?
As you guesed my friend USA California.

The hot news about Cali' is that Proposition 8 is on debate at the American supreme court. Prop 8 was voted at 2008 as a protector of traditional marriage. It banned same-sex marriage from California. Later the law found to be illegal according to the constitusion of the USA and at the very moment a debate is being held if to cancel prop 8. The might find same-sex marriage anti-constitutional and therfore ban thr banning all aroun the US. Or, in the best case scenario, cancel all same-sex marriage in the US.
Why am I so concerned about the gay-marriage in the US? Technically, I am not, for two reasons:
1) I am not American so I am not supposed to give any attention to their coltural habbits. However I am very fond of the American folklore and I hate to see traditions getting broken for modern rule-breaking agendas. It will make US a gay marriage sanctury to homosexuals from all around the world. They will hop to a short visit, get marry by the way and go back home to Greee or Russia or wherever they came from.
USA is one of the strongest countries in the world and acts as a role model to many other countries, if US reconizes same-sex marriage it  might influebce the smaller countries.
2) Another reason why I shouldn't be worried about US debate of same-sex marriage is: I am not opposed gay marriage (WHAT??). For itself the wedding is only a ceremony, traditional for most of us, and I am a man od tradition, but not all humans share the same tradition so not all wedding ceremonies should be the same. Marriage is more a law status and beurocratic, nothing serious if being homosexual or hetro sexual. Same-sex parenting are the problem, and I have allready spoken on it. We should let the child grow up and be educated by his biological parents, and if not (tragedies happens) we must defend his righ for mother and father. In some countries, Israel for example, their are certain laws of military serving duties during war-time: Women are beckoned to the army in emergencies, unless she is a mother. What should we do in case of two mother? no one is summoned? And two father? Both summened and the child is left alone?

It is not only the protection or sanctity of marriage, it is for the sake of children, American, and might be children of the world.
Say yes to prop 8