Monday, 2 September 2013

The roots of the Syrian problems

To understand what is going on in Syria and what has been happening in the middle east in the last 7 decades.

It has started with the Cold War. After WWII USSR began to make allies in the middle east. It had started to get the support of Egypt, Jordain and Syria. The only missing piece of the puzzle was the British Palestine, who was a territory of the British crown. The Zionist immigrants in Palestine declared for their will for an independent Zionist state. After election in UK, when Churchill lost his chair, there colonialism and it is time the focus the efforts on Britain and not in the middle east. It seemed now that the road for the Zionist state is clear of obstacle the Arabic Muslim Palestine natives woke up, and they also want their own state.
The motion was debated in the UN, most of the world supported in founding Zionist state, including the greatest empires of back then..

US: Many Zionist immigrants helped the fighting against the Nazis and the Fascist in north Africa. Jewish effetive people made presure on the American president. More than six million Jewish people were masscared by the Nazi killing machines and many left homeless after the war. And if the British are leaving. The USA needs a puppet to serve in the middle east.

USSR: Many Jewish people were murdered and lost their homes. The Zionist leadership was Socialist, many were Communist, many Zionists were Russian, even their leader Daid Ben Gurion declared himself Bolshevist. And, of course, if the British are leaving and a new state is born, they needed the support of it.

David Ben Gurion (So called Bulshevist, Socialist, Communist and Russian) decided to be alligned with the Americans because he prefered the Democratic side and more than that - During the 40's Soviet Russia lost a lot of resources during the war and had to use the few resources they had left to restore Russia and the eastern Europe. (Although Israel had diplomatic contac with USSR during the 40's, 50's and most of the 60's).

The British mandate in the middle east ended in 1947 however, the last British troops left EGypt in 1956. After the British retreat the Egyptian government decided to close the Suez canal. This canal is a link between the midterrenian sea to the Persian sea and therfore it is a shortcut between Asian to Europe and also to north America. Under British, French and American pressure the Israeli military invaded Egypt and opened the canals. As we can see, the second war between independent states in the middle east was actually a war through puppets/envoys/messengers.

Haffez El-Assad (Father of Bashar) was one of the Alawy minority (Alawy sort of Islam other than Suni or Shiite). During 1966 Assad, after the Syrian revolution, Assad had the position of Syrian minister of defense.

1967 was the first war between Israel an Syria tha was under the pressure of the USSR. Back then to Golan Heights (Today north east Israel) were supposed to be a natural sterilized zone. After an aerial struggle Syrian Soviet-made airplanes were fallen. That drove the SOviets mad and to push Syria twards a war against Israel. Syria lost that war and the Syrian leader Salah Jadid blame his minister of defens, Assad, while Assad blamed his prime minister.
At 1970 Syria invaded Jordain. Assad ordered the airforce not to act or take a part in this war and therefore Syria lost. The Syrian national councel decided to take Assad off his position but the man, who holds the army, had different plans.
Assad took over Syria. His son and diciple Bassel El-Assad was supposed to be his heir, but died in a car accident. His second son, Bashar, took his place when he doed in June 2000.

As we already know, Soviet Russia had relationship with Syria and it continues today. Russia has a naval base and gas and oil pipelines. Syria has a lot of importance to Russian.
With all the importance and the old relationship, Russia starts to show less empathy to Syrian leader. After using the non-conventional gas, Russia will probably have no choice and let the American in or suggest altenative govenment while Assad is answering for his crimes. The Islamic Republic of Iran starts to show the same signs - They might not support Assad in a case of American invasion.


And now for somethong completly different:

U.S. fast-food workers protest, demand a 'living wage'

While US is threatening to invade Syria and "Make Assad pay for his crimes".
The labor class is starting to threat the big American corporations.

Goodluck for everyone!

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