Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A brief global update.

It is mostly required that a socialist like me should talk about UK ex prime minister Margaret Thatcher's death. Well, I have a lot of steam to let out regarding to the Iron Lady, but I also show some respect to dead, maybe it's to late (or perhaps to early) to start ill-taking of the dead. Besides, I won't have my first post about UK be composed of negativity only.

NK, or the official name, Democratic People od North Korea (Yeah, democratic). Comrade Jung Hun keeps dancingon the American trigger while presenting yhe whole world the evil twin sister of Socialism. Meanwhile People's Republic of China, and United States of America decided to cooperate to cool camrade's reactor.
Both great nations realized that the next war will be economic, and bloody, sparing lives of many and resources. (Remeber talking of modesy? China and US are the strongest nations on our world and both prefering peace instead of wiping out NK).

Boston was attacked. Twins blasts occured during Boston Marathon taking the lives of a little child and two young women, one of them Chinese, also wounding many others. Right now there are no suspecys and some ideas popped out:
1) A muslim Saudi guy who got wounded in the attack scene. On one hand it is rational and possible. Fanatic Islamo-Fascists do not fear death, but blaming the guy only because of being a muslim it's Islamophobic and racist. Many arabs an Muslims get hurt from the actions of their "brothers".

2) One conspiracy idea is our comrade, Kim Jung Un. It is possible, indeed, but if it's true, he is really stupid. Did he see what happened to Osama Bin-Laden? Whereas Muslims belive in the after life,Communists usually deny any spiritual being, and the only way to force them attempt such a risky task is by threat of torturing their family.

3) Like the 9.11 idea comes a new story: Obama planned it all in order to have an opportunity to show the Americans he likes them. A TV cartoon called Family guy "predicted" the attack by laughing at the possibilty of terror attack. The episode was pulled of the web (Americans...). There is no reason to panic, If the episode predicted the attack, than I am a prophet, and if it plannes, then I am a terrorist. See, I laughed about many possible accasions in the past and they occure few our later. No big deal.

Its is horrible that people had to die for this, but the Chinese victim can br another bridge to coorporation between US and PRC. They both must cooporate to eliminate the theocratic terrorism.

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