Sunday, 7 April 2013

What do we say to the god of war?

Not today.
I took the quote (originally god of death) from HBO's A game of Throne to congrtulate US minidter of defense for the preventing war move. Although I do not tend to support the US, for their arrogance, this time they did it right. Lau Tzu (The Tao 道)talked about balance and used the example of a tree: A man has to be stiff like tree, but when the wind blows fiercly the tree must be flexible and bend itself or else it will be broken.
Jesus also tought us about modesty. Swallow your Hubris (pride) and cut with the show-off.
Chuck Hagle, the Americam minister of defense dicided to suspence the coopereated training with the south Korean army due to threat from the north to start a war. Kim Jong Un had no right to threat other countries, while US and SK (south Korea) has the right to train together, if they will. Minister Hagle decision was is not just, but it is smart - Lose some of your pride because threats of a bully and spare others life by preventing a war (for a while).
I hope this quiet will be preserved.

Talking of peace and war: Jews around the world will mention tommorow the memorial day to the Holocaust victims. Milions of Jewish were slaughered by their own homeland only because an Austrain psycopath  decided they have different blood than their Christian brothers. In the Holocaust (Shoa, in hebrew, שואה)were murdered more than 6 milions people, and these are only the Jewish people who were recorded, there were many other non-recorded Jews and also Roma-people ("gypsies"), Polish, Russian , Ukrainian (Slavic nations, "Lesser", as the Nazis believe.). After the war the Jews realized their homelands and nations spat them out and they need to establish a new nation and new homeland, then State of Israel was born. Until these days they sruggle agaisnt sorrounding enemies.
The Holocaust is the worst disaster and genocine, not only for the Jewish people, but the the whole human-kind. It shows us the foulest era in Human-history, and the power of hatred and brain-washing.

I am not a hippie pot-head, I do believe in war and a nation right to defend itself, but I wish countries won't hve to use that right anymore. Who does not pray for peace? (Only Capitalistic weapon producers.).

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