Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stop this madness! No to war

The North Korean leader declared a war against USA due to Coorporatian between the states and south Korea.

Dear comrade, Kim Jung Un, please:
Don't press the American trigger, you know they are stronger.
the United States and the People Republic (中国), two strongest countries in the world,  warn you. the Republic comes from the north, and from the south, the south Korean, you have foes on both sides. Russia and the rebuplic knows war with the US will do no good to to you. Instead of feeding your own people you buy missiles. It serves your enemies intersests rather than you. By doing so you prove them what they want to believe - that Socialism is eveil, it makes the Liberal US stronger. Please stop this madness, feed you people, you won't shoot them anyway. Prove the world US is wrong, Liberalism is wrong.

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