Tuesday, 26 March 2013

California Dreamin'

California dreaming and let us hope it won't be more than a dream.
As you know my blog (my 2-3 loyal reader) I love the speak of one different palce in the3 world at a time. What is the world if not our big happy poluted home?
As you guesed my friend USA California.

The hot news about Cali' is that Proposition 8 is on debate at the American supreme court. Prop 8 was voted at 2008 as a protector of traditional marriage. It banned same-sex marriage from California. Later the law found to be illegal according to the constitusion of the USA and at the very moment a debate is being held if to cancel prop 8. The might find same-sex marriage anti-constitutional and therfore ban thr banning all aroun the US. Or, in the best case scenario, cancel all same-sex marriage in the US.
Why am I so concerned about the gay-marriage in the US? Technically, I am not, for two reasons:
1) I am not American so I am not supposed to give any attention to their coltural habbits. However I am very fond of the American folklore and I hate to see traditions getting broken for modern rule-breaking agendas. It will make US a gay marriage sanctury to homosexuals from all around the world. They will hop to a short visit, get marry by the way and go back home to Greee or Russia or wherever they came from.
USA is one of the strongest countries in the world and acts as a role model to many other countries, if US reconizes same-sex marriage it  might influebce the smaller countries.
2) Another reason why I shouldn't be worried about US debate of same-sex marriage is: I am not opposed gay marriage (WHAT??). For itself the wedding is only a ceremony, traditional for most of us, and I am a man od tradition, but not all humans share the same tradition so not all wedding ceremonies should be the same. Marriage is more a law status and beurocratic, nothing serious if being homosexual or hetro sexual. Same-sex parenting are the problem, and I have allready spoken on it. We should let the child grow up and be educated by his biological parents, and if not (tragedies happens) we must defend his righ for mother and father. In some countries, Israel for example, their are certain laws of military serving duties during war-time: Women are beckoned to the army in emergencies, unless she is a mother. What should we do in case of two mother? no one is summoned? And two father? Both summened and the child is left alone?

It is not only the protection or sanctity of marriage, it is for the sake of children, American, and might be children of the world.
Say yes to prop 8

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