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Not without Patrick

St. Patrick.
From latin: Patricus = Patre+Ricus= rich father
Also known as  Padraeg (Gaelish)

Patrick was not the first Christian in Ireland, but he is known as the man who converted Irelande to Christianity. Patrick claimed to be sent by god himself and not by a Christian authoroty, therefore was accused by the British church to be a frued and cheating the celtic clans for his own benefit. Patrick as a response published a document called the Confessio in which he described the British church the strugles against the old pagan celtic faith. Patrick arrived to Ireland in the age of 16 and was kidnapped by pirates. He was sold to a clan chief as a slave and for 6 years he was herding his sheeps and pigs whit thin clothes in snows and rain. The horrorble conditions and the lack of food made him stronger with his faith and he turned to a priest. For several nights he hears a voice calling him to ship back home and he fled  Durng his journy he sailed to Gull (France) there the crew found no food nor shelter. It is said the captain commanded Patrick to pray for is allmighty god for food.  Patrick told them they must leave their old gods and brace Jesus, so they did. A herd of wild boars appeared.
Patrick traveled between France and Italy and finaly went back home to England.
One day he dreamt of a man coming to him and handing him a scroll which titled as "Voice of the Irishmen". The people of Ireland begged him to return Ireland. Patrick saw that as an omen. He dicided to go back to Ireland, though he suffered ladt time, but not before he became a formal high priest. Patrick returned to Ireland as a bishop. He was attacked by a clanchief and his dogs. with a quick pray Patrick turned the man and the dogs to stone, and prayed for them to come back alive. The clanchief became Chritian and his whole clan with him. At the Bilteyn holyday (The Celtic spring holyday, not far from Easter) Patrick arrived to the king of Ireland. The head druid (a Celtic priest) was supposed to light a grand fire on the top of a mountain, instead, a grand fire was lit at next mountain by Patrick. Patrick and his priests were captured and taken to the king. He saw the way they were dressed and was riminded of a prophecy of his druids - the had told of Patrick arrivel. The king sentenced Patrick to death. Patrick made a speach of his religion and his god and turned many people to Christianity. Though the king himself did not approvw to the new religion he released Patrick and his men. He turned another king Chirtian and baptized him. He went through the island spreading the word of god. Lated a defeated the devil-bird Korra and cleansed Ireland from fiends. He died and were burried at Downpatrick.
St. Patrick was born in Roman-occupied Great Britain ca. 390..
The tri-leafed clover represents the holy triangle. Might also represnted ealier the tri-goddesse An.

Ireland became Chritiand more than 1000 years ago, yet some Irish folkes still be;ive in old spirits such fairies and Touta-De-Dannan/ Other don't belive but show respect to old traditions.

The druidic movement has returned to world several years ago. Some of the druids belive in the druidic religion, some atheist and Christians Conserving traditions of their ancestors.

Happy St. Patrick Day!

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