Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hademus Papam!

Congratulation Argentina! Congrtulation Jorge Mario Bergolgio! (or shall I refer as 'his grace Franciscus I').
Known as the first south-American pope, but in fact is originally Italian, so if you thought about a native American, think again.
I love the Church for it trditios and its magnificene and Christianity for the the values ot promotes, but I do have some arguments with the vatican about Conservative issues.
The Catholic people might say i am not Conservative enough, but I say we Are conservative to different direction. Pope Franceso has opposed abortions, euthonesia and divorce.
As a Conservative the idea of an underage mother, 17 years old woman with a baby is unconcievable, even 18 and 19 are too young for my believes. Therefore I support abortions. No, I am not pro-choice, because it is not a matter of choice - Underaged pragnent women should be forced to abort. Think of the child. He will come to an incomplete couple, maybe he won't have a father and his mother would not finish her childhood and arrive adulthood on one leg.
Euthansia - dfor my opinion, death is a part of nature, a final step in our life, god's will, if you like. Keeping a man alive against the odds and against his choice is:

  1. Spending money and recources usefull for feeding the poor.
  2. Might cause him a lot of pain. Sometimes a person wants to die but we show him no mercy.
  3. Against the nature. When a person suppose to die, he dies. Machines are only preventing a natural step. Addam and Eve did not eat the fruit of life, therefor should not use the machin of life
Divorce - I do believe a child have  to grow up with is biological parents. And the parents must do the effort to make this happen. (I'm not talking about unfotunate children who lost their parents.). Sometimes there are bad parents and sometimes there are parent that don't get along together. What shoul they do? We as a society can change the laws of marriage. Limit the numbers of time you can get married or get divorced, for example. Another option is a parenting license, if you proved yourself a worthy couple you are allowed to have a baby without paying a fine.

After disscusing the disagreements with the Catholic church, I will explain why I love them and Christianity in general. This religion started from Socialist idead of Christ and later the Catholic-Roman church gave us the seven virtues of the mortal:

I do believe every humand requires those vitues, not only Catholic. It is difficault, I know, even the believers confess when they fail, but it worth trying.
Those vitues can help us become better people and even happier (think of the patience-Ira- virtue).

Goodluck Francis I
With love to all Catholic people in the world.

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