Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Happilly ever after???

Today we will talk about Japan.
Why would I like to mention it? I have never been to Japan, but it will always sit on my travelist. Japan (like other countries in eastern Asia) is very secular and traditional at the same time.
I usually talk of tradition and, of course, Conservatism. The Asian country should be a role model for us, proving that Atheism\Agnostism and Conservatism can go together.
So what is tradition if not necessarily religious? Tradition is a memory for who we are and where we came from. Tradition remineds us that the present has a reason to be the present it is. For Jews, who were banned from their homes several times in history and therefore traveled, have more than the one Jewish tradition they share in common and one family may have the Jewish tradition but also tradition from the father's mother land and the mother's mother-land. In multi religious family (for example Jewish+Christain couple of parents) you can find traditions of both religions and traditions of both ethnic background of the parents. Tradition is beutifull most of the time, remines us of values long fogotten or makes us clos as a family. It can also be a wonderful experience for a foreigner, and makes him closer to us.
Some traditions are universal, developed in different places and yet keep simularity. It could be a result of natural causes - marriage, for example, monogamy excists all over the world (though some places still have polygami). Monogamy have been through hostories. In the bible we saw what happened in prophet Samuel's family. Monogamy drives humanity to the future.

Back to Japan. Japan is not somewhere in the middle of Conservatism and Liberalism, but it is actually found on both: They preserve old tradtions and invent new fashions to the world. Yesterday a wedding ceremony in the trditional country made a lot of fuss. Two women got merried in the middle of a Disney park. Outraged people, who complained about it, claimed that there is no problem between their odd love, but the wondered why in the public, middle of the public, middle of Disney park? well my friends, the problem is not the marriage, thought it is against tradition. The problem starts (or will start) when they begin to ask for child adoption. Yeah, I know the conservaphobes will burst with rage right-now and call me a homophobe, which I'm not. Single-sex couples claim for the right to have a family, they maybe right, but with about the child's right fot dad? (or mom in case of two men.). Now comes the question: Do you prefer bad hetro sexual parent than loving single-sex parents? No. I do not, but stealing is not better than murduring, it just less wrose. Murduring does not make stealing legitimate - Bad parenting does not make homosexual parenting legitimate. All those single-sex parenting who ignore a child's most elementar and natural right are just sellfish, and therefor I doubt they can really love as they claim.

japanese wedding dress

Yesterday I was surfing on the web and learned new term: Hetronormalization. There were many other terms I did not understand in the Anarchist page, but I understood that one. Sorry friends, but history was built by hetro sexual couples. The hetro-Monogamy is common for all (most) of people and reflect the main goal of a human - raise family and be happy. When I say new world, I mean:  No differences between religions and nations and equality between sexes, but not simularity between the sexes. We are excist because of these diffrences. According to the Tau philosophy, they nature built by polars. one of those polars is the comleting polars (one half cannot excist with the other) the male & female.



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