Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Three sides of the coin

I've just startes a blog, and every one passes away.
The Socialist oresident of Venezuela has passed away from cancer.
A controversial man, he was - A great Soicialist on one scale and an ally to the most radical right regimes of the middle east on the other. However, it is not the first time we that unnatural between the radical left side and the radical Islamic Theocrat right. How can this be? Castro and Kim Jung Il made contacs with mass murderer Assad and Fascist Theocrat Ahmedinajad. What makes to extremly polars get along so well? Why Communism, which opposes religion gets along with Theocracy? More than one correct answer is possible, my comrades.
One option is - world is not divided by the right or left, but it divided by freedom and tyrany - We saw it at the beginnig of WWII when radical right (Hitler) made alliance with radical left (Stalin). At the end of the world USSR and the free world joined forces, than maybe the free/tyrany argument is not true enought.

The problem continues when we try to divide the world to LEFT & RIGHT, now that's wrong, 'cause there are three different radical sides in that argument, and maybe even more. In order to understand the argument we need to get down to the root of the LEFT/RIGHT terminolgy.
I addad for the diffrences between right and left, not very important to understand, yet intresting.
What is right and what is left? The simplest way to explain is: Right - Sapratism. Left - Solidarity or unity.
When it comes to economy, the right will always try to be as much undipendent as possible: No one intevenes one's live, least taxes, no welfare. Nationality - right people are usually not the blood thirsy Fascist creatures we see in the media (these are the radical right), but they do want to seperate their nation from the others, some won't allowed magiage with others, some won't allow any immigrants. In some radical cases they even care about the nation or the state, they'll care more about the clan, tribe or religious sektor. In the Islamic Republic of /Iran they care more about the religion rather than nation or state. Hitler cared about the Aryan race and forbided breeding between races.
The Left. In economic issues the left will bw willing to share the national treasure: More taxes for more welfare. In radical left (Communism) there are only slight deffrences between salaries. The nation issues are less relevant. for the many of them there are no nations, or nations belong to the past. The radicals (Communist) will combine nation by force. Some people in the left will not care about nation or religion, but will be very zealot about the state itself.
Now we know diffrences, yet we have no idea why do radical right and radical left get along. One possible, and more reasonable is power. It is all about money and power and idealogy used to brainwash the simple man. another possible option is that there is one more polar:
Right and Left terminolgy has started in the 18th centuray in France. A representor if every class sat in councel that was supposed to make new laws or cancel old. There were poor working class (modereate left), sat on the left side of the table (physically) and rich Aristocrats (moderate right) sat on the right side, but there was another represntor, the Clergy represntor, (religion). The aristocrats and the clerics usually cooperated to fail the worinkg class. During the WWII we had the 3rd Reich (radical right), USSR (radical left) and the free countries led mostly by USA (moderate right). Today we have China (formerlty Communist, and yet Socailist and very secular) USA (still the strongest among the moderates) and the Islamic radical nations.

In the picture above we can see the true separation of ideals, while most of the people somewhere in the around the center: They care for their country, care for the society and care for their own freedom.
People such as Stalin ot Mao Tse Tung will be found in the red area on the left, no need to explain. Nazi people will be on the right side (separatism) of the suprrmacist.

As we can there are allways three sides two combined against the third:
Aristocrats and Clergy VS Proletarion
USSR & USA VS thirs Reich
Radical Socialist & Radical Islamic Theocrats VS USA (protecting the moderate Socialist).

Why did it happen and why did we lose such powerfull allies?
Ego, Money and power of the western leaders. In one word: mistakes.
Chinese people are forgeting what Stalin and Mao knew. Socialism is shield, shield against Fascism and, in our case, against Theocracy. Obama said today that he hopes the changes Venezuela help the relationtions between both states, we all hope so. And we hope the western leaders will smart enough to brace the red flag Socialism before the est will wear the green flag of Shareeya (Islamic code of laws).

Socialism, Conservatism & Worldwide Fellowship!

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