Monday, 11 March 2013

Fun in Pakistan

We started in Israel moved to Venezuela and now Pakistan.
Last weak a man was arrested in Pakistan, you'll never guess why... no... no, not burglary... no, one last chance... you are absoloutly right - blasphemy of the prophet.
A rioter burns a cross in Lahore, 9 March
After the man was arrested the muslim citizens of Lahore were not content yet and started rioting at the Christians neighborhoods, burning houses and looting them. - Which is also a blasphemous behavior.
I usually condemn people making jokes of others belief, but making from religion laws is the worst.
The man did not only insulted the prophet, but was also drunk, another sin according to Islam - Alcohol.
In other places (COUGH- Theocratic Republic of Iran) the religious law is so harsh that there is no alcohol nor pork meat. I do respect the taboo of the muslims from pork & beer (allthough all the muslims I know drink beer when their wife does not there to watch) and I do believe in a sort govenment intervention in one's life, but it should be limited. They should intervene in economical and educational issues mostly, with some coltural and family issues and with everything that could harm others, but not one's diet or drinking habits.
I do believe Muslims can have peace with the rest of the world, even the Shiites. They don't have to give their traditions and habits away but they cannot force them on us. Insulting their prophet is annoying, that is true, however they can't attack anyone for it, they must look at things with proportion: You can't beat people because of religion. A spirtual matter VS Matereal matter. They are not even on the same scale.
In a Socialist state Muslims will be protected from the others, and everyone will be protected from Islamic extreme.
We will never be able to build a new world to live in if we continue fighting and showing no respect. The only war we need to fight is the war against Theocracy and Facsism. The Shiite Islam must drop is war against "Infidles". If we don't share your religions we can't be infidles, therefore pig and wine are not sins for us.


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