Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In the beginning

In the beginning...

Unfotunatley I have the start my blog, the Neo-Genesis in Ill-news. Rabbi Menachem Froman passed away last night.
Sadley and very shamefully I've heard his for the first time only yesterday, after his death. I heard of his deeds for the first time. So, why am I writing about him? At the very moment I am reading and watchin films about this fantastic man. Before I start talking of his connection to the the Neo-Genesis, I need to tell of his deeds: Make long story short - He was a man of both conservatism and peace, religioun and human rights, which usually illustrated as opposites. Although he was not pro-establishment of a Palestinian state, the rabbi made contacts the Palestitnian leadership in order to make a solution of peace in the west bank. Besides the west bank the great man worked to maintain peace in Israel, peace between secular and religious and peace between the tri-religiouns: Islam, Judaism and Christinaty.
This combination of peace & conservatism are two ideas the Neo-Genesis will discuss and supports. No matter what are your believes, as long as you love thy neighboor, want to raise you family in peace and conserve our environment to next generations, you  follow the Neo-Gensis ideals.
Why now? Well... I have been thinking of the neo-genesis a lot latley, I dreamed of a movement, but I am realistic: I don't have the money nor the support nor the experience to start a movment. So let's start with a blog. After the death of Rabbi Froman I saw many friends disscus about him. While learning about him I found a liberal friend who criticized him, I read the critic and realized: Liberal avoid criticizing Judaism or the church, they just criticize Conservatism, and one thing I'm about to stand for: Conservatism Don't get confused and mix with Capitalism, 'cause I believe in Conservative Socialsm, which I'll disscus in latest posts.

By the name of Socialsm, Don't give up tradition, and conserve you planet!

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